Mark Murphy, Designer



Thirty years of experience in a wide variety of three dimensional projects including automotive and alternative vehicles, toys, environmental and recreational products. A commitment to environmentally and socially responsible design.

A creative problem solver with the experience and insight to quickly evaluate and prioritize the viable options and then integrate them into cohesive and elegant design solutions that are appropriate and cost effective.

A visionary imagineer capable of conceptualizing new possibilities and trends in future products, and a hands on passion to see ideas become reality.


1996-2002, Director of Design, Nevco Research and Development
Predicted and conceptualized a new trend in commuter vehicles. Responsible for the design and development of a test fleet of prototypes within one year of conception. Created and patented the defining architecture of a new global vehicle type.

1993-1996 Product Designer, Burley Design Cooperative
Responsible for the redesign of the best selling bicycle trailer and company flagship product improving its competitive advantage in the face of increasing competition.

1992-Present; Freelance design, Blue Sky Design LLC
Ultralight electric race car capable of 35 miles on 8 cents of electricity. Picture vehicles used in the CBS mini series "The Fire Next Time."

1987-1992 Automotive Designer, Designworks/USA
Interior team leader responsible for all systems packaging and design for multimillion dollar concept vehicle project. 3D documentation of BMW E2 electric vehicle concept vehicle. Designed Accessibility products for Buick division patented by GM. Internal market research and product planning reports for Chrysler product proposals. Developed Collapsible camper shell design patented by client. Special effects components design for virtual reality fireplace.

1984-1987 Designer, Industrial Design Research
Confidential full scale model development of vehicle and interior concept studies for American Motors (Chrysler), Concept boat fleet for Chevrolet V6 promotion. Vehicle prototype development, sales support and marketing of FireAero Cyclecar displayed at the Vancouver Worlds Fair.



Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science,
Westminster College 1973

Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design,
Art Center College of Design 1983


1981 National Endowment for the Arts
Minimum Vehicle Project Grant

1983 National Endowment for the Arts
Light Commuter Project Grant

1992 Inventech Best New Automotive Product:
Aerocoupe Electrathon racer

Best in Class transportation award winner at 1998 I.D.S.A. Northwest Design Invitational for the Gizmo N.E.V.

Five U.S. patents and trademarks for client products.

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