Electrathon is a fun and challenging form of race/rally competition combining vehicle design and construction skills with driving strategy. The rules allow for a great degree of design variation, but stress safety and low cost components. Battery and driver weight is regulated to ensure close and equitable competition.

For more information, check out the Electrathon America website.

Seventeen years ago Blue Sky Design LLC took on the challenge to develop an American designed Electrathon racer to compete with the state of the art Australian Electrathon vehicles introduced to the United States by the Australian champion Clark Beasley.

The result was the award winning Aerocoupe racer. The Aerocoupe has become legendary for its low center of gravity, stable balance and efficient aerodynamics. It has proven itself as an attractive and affordable design that is light, rugged and fast. A versatile performer on both fast and tight courses that is easy and fun to drive.

Today the latest M series Aerocoupe is the most popular Electrathon racer in competition all across the country, available as an easy-to-build kit that can put you in the drivers seat of a race proven winner.

As a leading supplier of vehicle kits and components to schools and individuals, Blue Sky Design LLC has established an enviable record for quality, prompt response and customer service.

Quality motors and electrical component packages for the Aerocoupe M series kits are available separately from our list of reputable suppliers.


Aerocoupe M3 body shell: This popular body shell design combines sleek styling with a low 0.20Cd aerodynamic form. Molded of durable ABS plastic, the shell can be raced open cockpit Indy car style or enclosed with the M4 canopy. (see photo) $300

M4 canopy: Fully enclosed one piece canopy for optimal aerodynamics and style. Smoke grey tinted optically blown acylic canopy fits the M3 body shell or used with custom designs. (see photo) $400

MX Experimentor Body Shell: Hand laid fiberglass shell for experimental projects, special applications and custom modifications. Cut in doors, add fenders, rake it, whatever... gel coat finish. $500

M2 Fiberglass seat/chassis pan: Closes out the the bottom of the M3 body shell and form fits into the M1 chassis. Molded in seat and battery box. Battery box accepts 12 and 24 volt battery packs. (see photo) $200

M1 Chassis A rigid frame designed for stability and handling performance. Perimeter design with rollbar accepts all motors. Chassis kit includes M5 spindles and steering hyme joints .(see photo) $400

M15 Disc Brake Steering Spindle Set
Steering spindle set includes a pair (left and right) steering spindles with disc brake mounting for the Artek or comparable industry standard disc brakes. Spindles include hardware and engineered for proper steering geometry. $130 plus $10 shipping

M6 Sprocket Adapators: Used by most Electrathon racing teams, this precision machined adaptor allows the use of all 110mm mountian bike bicycle chain rings as drive wheel sprockets. Gives you a full range of gear ratio tuning for optimizing track performance and freewheel coasting for even better efficiency. Also includes twin HiG Drive Guides to prevent chain delrailments on bumpy or tight tracks. (see photo) $100

M12 Skyway CF Graphite Wheel Premium Carbon Fibre composite wheel with 1/2” i.d. precision bearings in flip flop aluminum hubs. 20% stiffer than stock wheels. Fits M6 Sprocket Adaptor and M15 Steering spindles. $100 per wheel plus $20 shipping

M14 Artek Disc Brake Set
Disc Brake Set includes a pair of (a left and right) 160mm ventilated Discs, cable operated Calipers, Brake Levers and cables along with necessary fasteners and instructions.
$200 plus $10 shipping

M16 Skyway Zytel 16” Front Wheels
Durable Zytel wheels include Industry Standard hubs for mounting Artek Disc Brakes or comparable types. (Brakes not included) Wheels feature _” id. Precision cartridge bearings. (use 16” x 1.25 -2.00” tires and tubes available at bicycle shops.) $100 per set of two plus $20 shipping

Electrathon Vehicle Kit
We've packaged all our Electrathon parts into an easy-to-build racer kit. Just like a big model car!


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