August 2023


Due to ongoing vendor supply chain delays we have suspended orders for these products until further notice.

It has been frustrating for our customers as well as ourselves to receive shipment delays, cost increases as well as shipping cost changes over the last two years. We have tried shipping partial orders which are unsatisfying to our customers and increases our order tracking problems. 

In many cases our vendors are facing the same problems from manufacturers and suppliers who then must pass on price and minimum order requirements to their customers such as ourselves.

With the increasing interest in electric vehicles by schools and the public we assumed these issues would be resolved and we hope they will. 

We apologize for the inconvenience and welcome your thoughts and ideas.

Blue Sky Design LLC assists small manufacturers, investors and entrepreneurs in the design development of products in order to make them more functional, attractive and manufacturable. We are attracted to products that are environmentally responsible and useful to the livability of local community. They should be simple, affordable, and practical innovations or applications that are useful, entertaining or educational. Our specialty is light transportation vehicles for personal use.

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