Design analysis and critique:
We will help you refine your idea to make it more useful, attractive and manufacturable. We will consider factors such as product safety, marketing and patentablity. We can identify and resolve potential problem areas and help reduce the costs and risks. We will help you develop a product presentation that will help attract and excite investors and customers.
    Concept development
We will help you identify and evaluate the needs and requirements, priorities, features and appearance values of the product. We can then develop your idea into concept drawings, models or prototypes that demonstrate elegant solutions that investors can understand and appreciate.
    Models, mock ups and prototypes
Models and Prototypes are three dimensional design studies that help demonstrate and clarify the intraction between parts and the user. They help define the idea as a real three dimentional product are are the first step toward manufacturing.

    Product Improvement:
Often existing products can be improved using new materials, new features and removing flaws in the design. Products evolve, styling changes and competition can hurt sales. We can help redesign your product to improve its competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Liason services:
We utilize a network of people skilled in specialty areas. By building a team based on your needs, we keep your costs down, and yet have access to years of experience, equipment and facilities. These services include: Photography, Computer Aided Design, Metal fabrication, Vacuforming, Fiberglass molding, fabric technology and graphics.

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