The Blue Sky Design Aerocoupe Speeder Fairing is designed to be an affordable accessory for “Cyclecar” (Tadpole) three wheeled recumbent human powered vehicles (HPV). It can substantially improve aerodynamic efficiency, weather protection and visibility in traffic.
These are generic parts and can be adapted or modified to fit a wide variety of HP vehicles; however we cannot guarantee they will fit or be suitable for all applications. The instructions should be used as guidelines in adapting these parts to your particular machine. We have used a Terra Trike as a sample application. If your HPV is similar dimensionally, it should fit with little difficulty.
Wind chill and rain protection
Aerodynamic performance
Fairing tilts up for entry
Removable with one bolt for storage
Weighs only 21 lbs.
Made in the USA
NOTE: This D.I.Y. kit requires buying some off-the-shelf hardware fasteners easily found at any hardware store to use to mount the Fairing to the HPV using common tools.
Due to the wide variety of potential HPV applications and user preferences we do not offer a model specific Fit kit. (A Terra Trike Speeder is available from www.VelocityVelos.com )
General Suggestions:
1. Adjust your HPV for your personal leg and pedal boom length. The fairing can be positioned to fit your personal ergonomic preferences. Set the trike up for the rider.
2. We recommend you lower the seat back to its lowest position. This will give you the most clearance inside the canopy and reduce the amount of rake the fairing will sit with as well as allow for the Fairing to be tilted up higher for entry and exit.
3. Use care when handling the canopy. It can break and be scratched. Plastic cleaners and polish, Lemon Pledge furniture wax and Armor All type products all will help protect the Fairing and canopy.
4. The Fairing can be painted or decal appliques used to enhance your speeder and enhance visibility. Reflective products recommended.
The Aerocoupe Speeder D.I.Y. Kit includes Tinted (like sunglasses) or clear acrylic canopy (specify when ordering), ABS Shell, Lower spoiler and mounting plate, trim and specialty fastneners, Assembly and mounting guidelines.
$850 plus $200 shipping (no sales tax)
Use the order form on the home page.
For info: BlueSkyDSN@aol.com

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